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New XrmToolBox Plugin to Cleanup After Portals v7 to v8 Upgrade

When using the Microsoft-provided PowerShell scrips to assist with an upgrade from Portals v7 to v8, there are a few known issues that could still leave your data in an undesirable state. We've released an XrmToolBox plugin to help address a couple of those items.

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Hacking Your Way to Server-Side Code with Dynamics 365 Portals - Just Like Microsoft!

One of the big things we've talked about during the transition from Adxstudio Portals v7 to the Portal Capabilities for Dynamics 365 v8 is losing the ability to include server-side code in your website project. There are ways around this limitation - typically we recommend using a Dynamics 365 Portals Companion App. However, there is another technique, which we've always considered a bit of a hack, but not only does it work, Microsoft is using the technique in their own Portals. So if they can do it, why not us?

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Using Microsoft Flow and Uptime Robot to Keep Adxstudio Portals Site Alive

We have an Adxstduio Portals v7 site that's been causing us grief recently by getting stuck in an error state. The error state is easily resolved by clearing the cache, but this solution required manual intervention. Since the site is currently being upgraded to v8, we didn't want to invest too much into finding the root cause - it was easier to just kill the cache when the site went down. But what was even easier was using Microsoft Flow and Uptime Robot to do the job for us.

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Case Studies


Digital Billboard Content Management

Signpatico, manages digital video billboards across western Canada; Engineered Code built a web portal using WordPress to allow their customers to control certain aspects of their advertisements, such as deciding whether a certain ad should be displayed based on current weather conditions.


Financial Institution HTML Templates

Using Bootstrap, Engineered Code provided fully-responsive HTML templates for the implementation of Concentra's new SharePoint-based website.

Partner: Brown Communications Group
Alliance Franchise Brands

Extending Dynamics 365 Portals

Engineered Code assisted Alliance Franchise Brand's Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner, NexTec Group, with advanced customizations for their Dynamics 365 Portals.

Partner: NexTec

Physician Recruitment

Engineered Code built a recruitment and job posting tool using Dynamics 365 and Adxstudio Portals to help bring more doctors to Saskatchewan.

Partner: Brown Communications Group


Engineered Code is a web application development firm and Microsoft Partner specializing in web portals backed by Dynamics 365. Led by a professional engineer, our team of technology experts are based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.