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Websites & Web Applications

Engage and persuade your customers with top-notch content and valuable functionality

Extend your website beyond a good first impression. Create a central hub for marketing, sales, support and operations with a user-friendly content management platform and custom-integrated web applications that attract and retain customers, employees and suppliers.

Content-Managed Websites Built for Business

Your website is the perfect place to publish your unique content. You can inform and educate, establish credibility, and ultimately influence your readers on the one platform you solely control.

To make your content creation, editing and publishing workflow smooth and efficient, we recommend use of content management software, tools such as WordPress, Drupal or others. We’ll work with you to determine your specific needs, whether you work alone or with a distributed team of content specialists.

Get Google’s Attention, Website Visitors Will Follow

Be found on the world’s favourite search engines with a robust page content structure, meta tag implementation, and content helper tools that work together to optimize your website for higher search return page rankings.

We’ll wire your website to integrate with Google Analytics to enhance your search marketing efforts, improve ad performance and give you the clearest picture of your user’s visiting experience.

Social Networks, Extended

We’ll be sure to integrate your social network accounts when appropriate, so you can take advantage of this critical source of prospective visitors and social proof of your online trust and credibility.

Integrate your richer content from social network platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others.

Extend Your Website with Web Applications

Develop web applications for customer support, document libraries and e-commerce, all customized to support your unique business processes.

Consider web portal integrations with your customer CRM, custom integrations with third party applications and services, or devices like cameras, signs, home security devices

We’ll help you identify ways your website, with integrated web applications, can impact your operations, your workflow, your relationships and your bottom line.

Our team will work closely with you to identify how your website, equipped with integrated web applications, can revolutionize your operations, streamline workflows, enhance customer relationships, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Let's Get Started

At Engineered Code, our team of talented, experienced and certified engineers and consultants have produced dozens of content-managed websites and applications for customers, partners and agencies on CMS platforms including WordPress, Drupal, and more.

Give us a call, and discover how you can take your website out of the brochure box, and create a hub of engagement for your visitors.

We'll start with a requirements analysis consultation, then walk you through your website CMS and web application options. Then, count on EC for web development, training and ongoing maintenance, ensuring long-term satisfaction and full business benefit.

Let's chat. Call 1-844-364-2633 or drop us a note!

    Case Studies


    Digital Billboard Content Management

    Signpatico, manages digital video billboards across western Canada; Engineered Code built a web portal using WordPress to allow their customers to control certain aspects of their advertisements, such as deciding whether a certain ad should be displayed based on current weather conditions.


    Financial Institution HTML Templates

    Using Bootstrap, Engineered Code provided fully-responsive HTML templates for the implementation of Concentra's new SharePoint-based website.

    Partner: Brown Communications Group

    HTML Templates for a SharePoint Implementation

    Engineered Code developed responsive HTML templates for use in the new eHealth Saskatchewan website built on SharePoint.

    Partner: Brown Communications Group
    Out of the Box Experiences

    E-commerce WordPress Site

    Engineered Code provided technical assistance in the creation of a WordPress-based e-commerce portal for OOTBE, a company providing their customer with unique experience packages.

    Partner: Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation


    Engineered Code is a web application development firm and Microsoft Partner specializing in web portals backed by Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. Led by a professional engineer, our team of technology experts are based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.