Engineered Code is proud to announce the availability of ecLearn - the Learning Management System built on top of Microsoft Dataverse

About Us

Engineered Code is a technology solutions firm, and a recognized leader in Power Pages, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and web-based solutions. We are a Microsoft partner, trusted by clients and partners all over the world with their projects, and we build ecLearn, the first LMS SaaS solution built on top of Dataverse.

Engineered Code has been working with Power Pages/Power Apps Portals/Dynamics 365 Portals/Adxstudio Portals since their release, and is led by Nicholas Hayduk, a licensed Professional Engineer, a Microsoft Business Applications MVP who excels at solving business problems using technology.

Nicholas is a graduate of the University of Waterloo who began his career over a decade ago in Regina, Canada at Adxstudio – the original builder of Power Pages (AKA Power Apps Portals) acquired by Microsoft in 2015.


We are fueled by a passion for client care and a genuine desire to see the clients’ organizations succeed. Our experience spans over a hundred and fifty successful client engagements across healthcare, government, security, insurance, energy, marketing and association sectors.

We work with customers both directly and through other partners. Our network of trusted and talented partners and subcontractors provides us access to a wide array of experts on the various aspects of the Power Platform and the Microsoft ecosystem as a whole that we can leverage when necessary.


Engineered Code Consulting Inc.’s main focus has been on web-based solutions that allow organizations to better engage with their stakeholders. This includes solutions that are both off-the-shelf (typically using platforms such as Microsoft’s Power Platform or WordPress), as well as completely custom-built applications.

We believe in the value of both open source and proprietary software solutions, and the proficiency with a wide array of platforms allows us to provide advice backed by real-world experience.

We believe any of our clients will speak to our ability to be flexible, as changes during projects of this size are inevitable and we provide cost-effective and long-term solutions.

From the very beginning, we involve our clients in the development process, ensuring that the project outcomes precisely align with their expectations. By embracing this approach, we strive to deliver results that consistently exceed client satisfaction and set new benchmarks in our industry.

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    Power Pages

    Build your Portals solutions upon a solid implementation foundation

    Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Solutions

    Connect your business for growth, opportunity and maximum efficiency

    Websites & Web

    Make your website a hub for content, marketing and operations


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    Engineered Code is a web application development firm and Microsoft Partner specializing in web portals backed by Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. Led by a professional engineer, our team of technology experts are based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.