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LG Online

LG Online

The Local Government Association of Queensland uses a web portal backed by Dynamics 365 to connect local government councils across the state. The portal is a critical information and resource hub. In need of an update, the LGAQ partnered with Engineered Code to implement a customized Power Pages solution.

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) is a not-for-profit association that has been advising, supporting and representing local councils since 1896. For more than 20 years, its online portal has provided member councils with a critical point of contact, opening the door to information, resources and connection. By 2018, the portal needed a refresh to remain accessible, secure and to provide the Association’s members with improved functionality.

The LGAQ envisioned an updated portal that seamlessly integrated with its CRM system, while offering local councils easy access to relevant information and resources, when and where they needed them. It also had to reflect the rebranded LGAQ website. And it had to be robust, yet adaptable, given the ever-evolving social, economic and governance issues facing local councils.

Following a fact-finding investigation of potential partners, the LGAQ singled out Engineered Code as having the necessary expertise to design and implement a customized Power Pages solution. Engineered Code began the relationship by listening carefully to the LGAQ’s vision. We built a custom Power Pages theme using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid to match the LGAQ’s newly branded website. We leveraged out-of-the-box Case Management functionality to allow users to submit support tickets. A design overhaul was then applied to ensure this functionality matched the overall look and feel of the portal.

The LGAQ wanted content appearing on the portal to be tailored to each individual user, based on their selected areas of interest. We accomplished this. We also built a number of different interfaces for exposing Dynamics 365 Knowledge Articles, categorizing them in different ways and controlling where and how they are displayed on the portal. Finally, we created a custom search interface for Knowledge Articles that allows users to query different attributes, such as categories, dates, audience and keywords.

The result is a Power Pages solution that meets the LGAQ’s internal and external objectives. Externally, the online portal provides local councils access to information and resources relevant to them. Internally, information gathered through the portal is used by the LGAQ to better match services to individual member councils. Our team also worked with the LGAQ’s local web design agency to ensure the portal fit the look and feel of the new website.

“Our relationship with Engineered Code has been one of the best parts of the service,” says Wilson Crawley, LGAQ Lead for Business Systems and Performance. “That relationship provided us with support through every phase of design, building and implementation. Engineered Code always created easy pathways to connect with them, and despite the physical distance, they were always quick to jump on things, especially when we launched.”

Year(s) Active: 2021 - Present Customer Title: Lead for Business Systems & Performance Language: English
Sector: Government
Technology: Dynamics 365 & Power Platform, Microsoft Power Apps Portals, Microsoft Power Pages
"Engineered Code showed us the path forward. They helped us shape our thinking, so we were able to customize our Power Pages and set us up for the future. We’ve built a solution that will last and that we can adapt, and that started with Engineered Code."
—Wilson Crawley, Lead for Business Systems and Performance


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