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The Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan needed a system where they could manage their tasks relating to attracting doctors to the province, as well as a website for doctors to apply for jobs. With the combination of Dynamics 365 and Adxstudio Portals, they were able to achieve both of those goals.

The Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan (PRAS) is a Treasury Board Crown Corporation responsible for the recruitment of physicians to fill vacancies across the province. They actively promote the province as various events like career fairs and trade shows, and they maintain the provincial job board for physician postings.

In order to manage their recruitment activities, PRAS required a customer relationship management system to track information such as event attendance, communication and doctor profile information. They also needed an online system where doctors could search for, and apply to, available positions throughout Saskatchewan.

Dynamics 365 and Adxstudio Portals was a perfect fit. Using the out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365, PRAS staff could track and manage their relationships with potential recruits. With Adxstudio Portals, Engineered Code was able to develop a website where doctors could login, manage their profiles, search for jobs, and apply for the ones they are interested in. Over time, features like job positing notifications and integration with other job boards were added.

To date, hundreds of doctors have found employment in Saskatchewan with the help of this system. Due in part to this success, PRAS was given responsibility for the portfolio, which deals with recruitment in all of the various professions in the health care sector. Engineered Code was able to provide a second, uniquely branded website with only minor modifications to the existing code base. For more information, please see our case study on Health Careers in Saskatchewan.

URL: Year(s) Active: 2012 - Present Customer Title: Director of Operations Language: English
Partner: Brown Communications Group Sector: Healthcare
Technology: Dynamics 365 & Power Platform
"Nick and his team were professionals – catering to every design and functional requirement we needed. Their knowledge, problem-solving abilities and commitment to a high level of support make them second to none."
—Erin Brady, Chief Executive Officer
Doctors Recruited:100s


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