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XrmToolBox Plugin for Portals v7 to v8 Cleanup

Engineered Code created and maintains the XrmToolBox Plugin for Portals v7 to v8 Cleanup. This plugin performs cleanup that may be necessary after upgrading from Portal v7 to v8 using the Microsoft guidance.


We’ve implemented the following features:

  • Identifies any inactive “root” Web Pages with active localized pages, with the ability to deactivate those pages
  • Identifies any Web Files where the Partial URL contains %20 or a space, with the ability to remove those characters, and a report on where hard-coded links to those web files might exist within the Summary or Copy attributes of Web Pages.

To use the plugin, click the Load button after connecting to the appropriate instance. This will display the affected web files and web pages in separate grids. Next, click Perform Cleanup to update the data. Once complete, you can see the log file, and save it to disk.

For more details, see this blog post.

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