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Power Apps Portals: Modifying Option Set Options on an Entity Form

If you’ve come from the world of Dynamics 365 (or CRM…) and are starting to work with Portals, it can be frustrating when you discover that client-side JavaScript code that works great in your model-driven app doesn’t work on a Power Apps Portal – especially because Entity Forms and Web Forms are marketed as a technology that exposes your existing forms to the web. This post we look at why it doesn’t translate, and provide some code that solves a common request: modifying the available options in an option set.

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Power Apps Portals: Print Invoices

The topic of my first Portals Community Call back in January was the how to build a portal that allows a customer to view and print invoices. While solutions for this has been described by others (including Megan V. Walker’s excellent post), I also presented a different approach that I thought was worth covering in a blog post so that I could get a bit more into the technical details.

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