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Power Pages: Dataverse at its Core

Microsoft’s Power Platform is constantly growing and evolving. As much as everyone (especially Microsoft) wishes that all parts of the Power Platform worked seamlessly together, the reality is that many parts of the Power Platform existed long before Microsoft started using the word Power to group these technologies together. However, I believe that advancements in virtual tables, specifically for Power Pages, emphasizes the fact that Dataverse should be at the core of any Power Platform implementation.

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Virtual Entities and Dynamics 365 Portals – Part 4 – Fake OData v4 Service

In order to confirm that much of the functionality in Dynamics 365 Portals works with virtual entities, I needed to have data sources with some pretty specific fields. Rather than hunting for an existing service to meet all of my requirements, I was able to quickly setup a fake OData service hosted in Azure Web Apps that I could use as my Dynamics 365 Virtual Entity Data Source.

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Virtual Entities and Dynamics 365 Portals – Part 1

One of the great new features available in Dynamics 365 v9 is Virtual Entities, which allow you to represent data from external system as entities without copying or synchronizing data, and often times without any custom code. In this series of posts, I’ll dive into this new feature, with a focus on what it means for Dynamics 365 Portals, and how we can leverage them to create no-code integrations between your Dynamics 365 Portal and other systems.

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